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Comments provides a limited functionality site for WebCrossing. Full function and user support community at WebXHarbor.

Can be configured in many ways but a bit of a steep learning curve based on a proprietary coding language, WebCrossing Template Language (WCTL). This allows you to do many things with some programming expertise. It can be licensed to run on your server, or hosted by WebCrossing (currently with servers in US and Japan). The buttons and help files can all be translated. Currently there is a full Japanese set available. Has integrated chat and instant simple instant messaging.

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Can arrange to show other sites by appointment.

The two quicktours provide a good overview of how Caucus takes a discussion tool and organizes it around business metaphors and needs. Caucus has a smooth conversational interface, file upload/download, inline images and some user tracking tools. It is provided on an ASP basis from a variety of vendors including Knowise and others.

Prospero Technologies
/Delphi Forums

Live demo

This is a good demo of Prospero's tool set. Note the list of who is online on the left once you log in. Prospero is an ASP service.

Infopop's UBB,
Chatspace's Webboard


Webboard, UBB, vBulletin and EZBoard are some of the many basic, affordable and customizable tools out there. These are pretty stable tools (and companies) with affordable products. Little extra tool integration beyond the discussion boards. They are software providers, not ASPs (Application Service Providers -- who host the software - Chatspace does offer webboard as an asp service as of 2001).



Sample Site

Comments (formerly

This is a list I moderate on online facilitation. You can view the archives without being a member, and get a sense of the range of tools. Check out the files, bookmarks and database. A key feature for me is that users manage their own subscriptions. (theoretically!)

This is an open, un-moderated list for fans of the Cluetrain Manifesto. Note the large volume. This demonstrates how volume and haphazard use of subject lines can make it hard to extract value. But for those deeply into the group and its flow of information, it is very powerful.



Sample Site


For a Demo click on their customer support icon.

Ichat provides java based chat rooms and discussion boards.

This is a demo of an html-based chat, harder to use, but accessible to a wider range of system.

Chatspace offers a package of chat/web server and html and Java client code. Since Chatspace's purchase of O'Reilly's WebBoard, they are moving into providing a full set of interaction tools.






Sample Site


This is a very full-featured set of tools, designed for work groups and Communities of Practice (CoPs). It is expensive. Potentially useful subsets of tools are: the climate and content ranking tools. There is no demo of Communispace on their site, so the screen shot in the sample is all you can see. ASP model

Prism/Two Rivers Studio

A suite of collaboration tools built around MS Office and MS Exchange intended for people with fast, up to date systems. Lots of wizard-driven tools. ASP model



This product is designed around a particular group facilitation process. It does not have the full feature set, but the brainstorming and decision making toolset is superb and easy to use. Cost is moderate. ASP model

online tour

Eroom is designed and promoted as a digital workplace and is oriented towards project management tools. Includes both synchronous and asynchronous tours. Space can be rented at monthly rates that are based on number of users and disk space used. ASP

Product Tours

Similar to erooms, eproject is promoted as a business project collaboration and communication. ASP model


Lotus also has a Learning Room and Team Room project which can be integrated with Quickplace. Good for groups that are using Lotus notes as it can be integrated.

Groove (click on Quicktour)

Peer-to-Peer, client/server software environment for online interaction. Client still in preview edition (July 2001) Synchronous and asynchronous tools including message boards, chat, IM, whiteboard, file share, scheduling etc.

Other Providers


There are a variety of other providers. Critical in selecting a groupware ASP is to assess for the long-term survival in an uncertain market and how you can maintain control of your files and data. ASP model





Sample Site



Placeware Events


(check their schedule)

Useful for demos (like web tours!), group document editing, integrate visual tools with teleconference. ASP model.

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Can be rented by the month or by the live event. Similar functionality to Placeware. Slightly less expensive. ASP model

MS Netmeeting

Free downloadable. Can do voice, shared documents, shared applications and streaming media. Requires all users have fairly fast internet connections for the more sophisticated features.