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WebTour Introduction

Purpose of Tour

To see examples of:
  • different tools/tool sets (the Tool Tour) and,
  • examples of how they are used for online interaction and collaboration (the Community Tour).

 Background Resources

There is some jargon/terminology associated with online interaction. You might find it helpful to read a few background pieces. In the Online Community Toolkit there are a number of articles there that can provide some background about online community and online interaction. I recommend looking at the following articles:

 Tour Organization

The tour will start here. This page will contain a list of links, some basic pointers/instructions where needed and some main features I'd like you to look at. When you click on each link, it will open a second browser window, so the tour home page will always be available to you. You can close the second window each time you are done looking at a site.

 Tour Feedback

In both the Tool Tour and Web Tour there are some questions listed to keep in mind as you surf. We are planning a conference call for the tour, but we also have an online discussion space set up for your comments. The tour page can also be found in this discussion area, so if you want, you can take the tour and make comments in the discussion board as you go!

The URL of the discussion space (if you are not starting the tour there) is:http://ranger43.webcrossing.com/WebX?fieldtrip. You will need to log in.

Your user name is your Firstname Lastname. Your initial password (which you can change) is first initial last initial. So Jane Smith would have the username Jane Smith and password js. You can change your password by clicking on the blue "preferences" button found towards the bottom of any screen in the conferencing area.

For more tips and tools for working in the WebCrossing environment, where we'll be working, check here. And as always, feel free to email me.

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