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Communications Audit

In preparation for communications planning, think through and write down answers to as many of the following questions as possible.


  • When did project start?
  • Who was instrumental in starting/participating?
  • What precipitated their involvement?
  • What goals were set for program and by whom? The community?
  • What areas/people/organizations were involved?
  • Are they still? Why or why not?
  • Are there any key historical issues?


  • Do you have a vision statement? - (get a copy)
  • What are your goals and priorities?
  • How is your group organized/who chairs/leads?
  • Formal or informal structures?
  • Where is project housed?
  • How is information given to community?
  • How do you reach out to community?
  • What kind of community support do you have - "in-kind, volunteer"?
  • What kind of key community leader and stakeholder involvement do you have?
  • Who is actively involved?
  • With who do you actively come in contact?
  • Was buy-in for supporters easy or tough? How do you handle barriers and objections?
  • What are people saying about your program in the community?


  • A description of the problem - where is the need? Data to support need?
  • Who is affected by the issues/services you address and how?
  • Please share past and current user demographic data.
  • Who is interested in the problem?
  • Which organizations in the community are already addressing the problem?
  • Are there any market trends to consider?
  • Have the local media been doing anything on this issue?
  • What could individual media outlets do to help?
  • Who are your potential allies/partners? Do they know/like/respect your organization and its efforts?
  • What can your board of directors, volunteers, and members, service recipients or departments tell you about how your organization is perceived in the community?
  • A list of existing programs/activities and gaps in services that exist - and what organizations have goals that coincide with your own.
  • Do you have a list of current media contacts?
  • Please share copies of all past communications tools, materials or records you have available.


  • How do you describe your service/product?
  • What benefits do you offer? (strengths)
  • What benefits do you feel you lack? (weaknesses)
  • What is your current position/image?
  • What image do you want to convey?
  • Who are your target audiences- be specific?
  • What is their profile?
  • Where are they located?
  • What are the best methods of communication with your target audiences?
  • What are barriers to product/service use or participation?
  • What are the best strategies for gaining and keeping participants/customers?
  • Who are your competitors? What are their strengths? Their weaknesses?
  • What are their strategies?
  • What is the position to take relative to competition?


  • What strategies were selected in the past? Why?
  • What resources were secured or leveraged through the process?
  • What resources do you have available now for implementation?
  • How are those resources being allocated?
  • What resources do you lack? Time, materials, money?


  • What is the current progress towards your goals?
  • What benchmarks or evaluation mechanisms were used?
  • How do you measure response to marketing activities?
  • Is there a feedback loop for course corrections and improvements?
  • What have been the short-term results?

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