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Generic Marketing Plan

Generic Marketing Plan

Your objectives? Define problem or what needs to be accomplished.
  • What do you want your target audience to do?
  • What other communications objectives do you have?
  • Can you describe your organization, mission, objectives and plans?
Your positioning in the marketplace

What is the product or service you plan to offer?

Benefit to consumers

What are the benefits that are different, better than your competitors?

Situational Review
  • Your target market

What do they watch, read, do with their spare time?

Who do they listen to, trust?

What demographic information do you have about them? Age, ethnicity, geographic distribution, income, education?

If you have existing customers, how did you acquire them?

  • Who is competing for your target audience?

What is their position who is it tailored for?

How is it different from other competitors and you?

Find a niche to fill describe that niche in one short phrase.

  • What other external factors affect you?

  • What external linkages can help you achieve your goals? (your current or potential connections to your publics/audiences)
  • What other research can help inform your efforts?
Your advertising strategy and positioning

Your budget and resources
  • Money
  • Time
  • Other resources
The tools and techniques you will use to reach your audience

    Traditional advertising- radio, tv, cable, print

    Mini-media brochures, video brochures, newsletters, circulars

    Targeted media direct mail, postcards, inserts

    Promotion contests, frequent customer plans, slogans (Jingle?), premiums and special gifts, point of purchase for retailers, cross promotion, conferences, publicity

    Specialized marketing testimonials, word of mouth, using agencies, community involvement, targeting special groups, partnerships


    New media - web pages, email, etc.

Your evaluation component -- how you know you succeeded in reaching your goals?

  • Write the plan with goals, and measurable objectives and strategies.
  • Develop a month by month implementation timetable with strategies linked to due dates and lead/person responsible.


    What is the message, what is the action?

    What is the benefit ?

    Who is the consumer?

    What is the position relative to competition?

    What barriers exist to getting to your target audience?

    How will you communicate with your customer?

    How will you measure response?

    Do you have the resources to support the plan?

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