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(or... why Full Circle Training??)

Online training and education can come in many forms and flavors. Some are simply electronic delivery of static material. Some provide material and limited instructor resources for questions or clarifications.

We believe learning happens when we learn together, from each other. That's why Full Circle offerings provide what we feel is a unique advantage: a very personal, engaging learning community approach which focuses on each learner's interests and needs.


What is the Full Circle Way?

  • Small classes (between 15 and 35 students).
  • Many classes have two instructors for rapid and personal response.
  • Pre-class surveys to allow instructors to tailor and design the class to fit that particular group of students' needs.
  • Individual attention and coaching for each participant.
  • Encouragement of high levels of interaction and knowledge sharing between students and instructors for learning community formation.
  • Rich "cybrary" resources constantly updated with the latest materials customized to each class to meet specific student needs.
  • Conference calls and chats to provide multi-modal interaction opportunities
  • Hands-on practice by having students form into teams and work with actual projects
  • Spaces for learner journals, reflection and relationship building.
  • For selected offerings, a CD of the entire course for continued learning
  • Alumni space after classes for continued conversations, coaching and special events.



Read what some of our past students have said about their experiences. http://www.fullcirc.com/ws/quotes.htm

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